Why do my contact lenses feel uncomfortable

Discomfort is often felt during the day by contact lens wearers, which may cause them to remove them. The symptoms usually felt are discomfort and dryness, up to the loss of lenses at the end of the day…

In order to make the wearing of lenses more comfortable, it is important to identify the source of the problem.

The inconvenience can come from the lenses themselves (material, geometry, type of wearing, care …), but also from the environment such as the air quality, the pollution rate, the humidity level … But the individual factors are also to be analyzed! Age, sex, or taking certain medications are to be taken into account.

Therefore, different steps are necessary if you want to wear contact lenses:


1 - The pre-adaptation consultation

The ophthalmologist will first check that your eyes are compatible with contact lenses.

2 - Adaptation

Lenses will be placed on your eyes and the ophthalmologist will examine you to evaluate the tolerance and the good adaptation of the lenses.

3 -The control test after wearing the contact lenses

The ophthalmologist will give you a prescription of lenses specifying their characteristics. In order to avoid going back to glasses, the respect of these different stages and a rigorous maintenance of yout lenses is advised.

The SENSITIVE SPRAY can be used on closed eyelids without removing contact lenses for optimal comfort!

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