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What is dry eye syndrome ?

In 80% of cases, dry eye is not due to a lack of tears but to their excessive evaporation.

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Inconfortable contact lenses ?

Contact lens wearers often feel discomfort during the day, so they may remove them.

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Is eyelid hygiene essential ?

The eyelids play an important role in protecting the eyeball and spreading the tear film.

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Effective and convenient, the eye spray Vyséo Sensitive is recommended for irritated, tired and dry eyes caused by some factors responsible of tears excessive evaporation. (Contact lens wearing, computer screens, traveling, air conditioning and pollution)

  • Relieves from the first spray
  • Can be used everywhere and by all

Dry eye concerns us all


French adults

(Source Ameli)


Contact lens wearers


65 years and older

(Source Ameli)


Spray onto closed eyelids for an immediate and long-lasting relief.

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Apply in the eye for a refreshing and lubricating effect.

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Apply with fingertips and rinse for a clean and fresh look.

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Apply with a compress to clean and soothe the eyelids.

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In my job, concentration is essential, I have to keep an eye on everything. The Sensitive spray Vyséo is the ideal product to improve my comfort without disturbing my vision.

René / 52 yo / Bus driver

My eyes are stinging because of the air conditioning in the planes. That’s why I use the Sensitive Spray, it’s practical because i can apply it over my make-up ! I also use Blephacura for more comfort.

Nadia / 31 yo / Stewardess

The operating rooms are very air conditioned, it dries my eyes. So I use the Sensitive Spray regularly for soothing them!

Florence / 46 yo / Surgeon

I spend my days analyzing figures on a computer screen. My eyes aren’t burning anymore since I use the Vyséo spray... I wish i’d discovered it sooner !

Thomas / 27 yo / Accountant and contact lens wearer

The computer screens are part of my daily life which tires my eyes, so I use Sensitive spray that allows me to play longer without feeling any eye discomfort.

Olivier / 19 yo / Avid gamer