Healthy use of screen

Some tips to reduce the fatigue of your eyes in front of your computer

Blink more!

Blinking helps maintain the eye’s natural hydrating film on the ocular surface. While focusing on certain things on the screen, we blink less often causing the evaporation of tears.

Be mindful of your position

Top of your screen should be at, or slightly below your eye level, and approximately at an arm’s length away from your eyes.

Adjust your screen settings

Adjust the screen brightness to be fitting of your surrounding environment. Position your screen so that the reflection disappears. An anti-glare screen protector may be required.

Take breaks and hydrate yourself!

Take a small break by taking eyes away from the screen every 20 minutes.

The use of the SENSITIVE SPRAY from our Vyséo line is particularly suitable for the office. Practical, discreet and easy to use, it can be applied at any time for optimal comfort during work.

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