Soothing Care


Sensitive eyelids

Cleansing gel

Eyelid and eyelash hygiene

Sensitive Spray

Dry, irritated, tired eyes

visionlux plus

Severe dry eye

Anti-fatigue gel

Anti-Dark Circles & Anti-Puffiness


Eyelid inflammation

Eye mask

Soothing and decongesting

Hydroalcoholic hand gel

Disinfecting and moisturizing

Dry eyes set

1 Mask + 1 Blephacura 70ml + 1 Visionlux 10ml

Sensitive Eyelids Set

1 Blephacura 70ml + 1 Soothing Care 15ml

Anti-fatigue set

1 Mask + 1 Anti-Fatigue Gel 15ml

Essential Kit

1 Cleaning Gel 50ml + 1 Sensitive Spray 10ml

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Sensitive Spray
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