Dont forget your sunnies!


Protecting your skin from UV rays and thus skin cancer has become a reflex for almost all of us. But did you know that you are exposing yourself to eye pathologies such as cataracts or AMD if you don’t protect your eyes from UV  ?

It is so important for each of us to wear sunglasses and to be vigilant about the quality of their lenses. We recommend that you buy your sunglasses from an optician to ensure the protective effectiveness they are supposed to provide for your eyes. If, however, you fall for fancy sunglasses bought by a seaside, make sure that the ” CE ” (Conformité Européenne) label is on them. This implies that the manufacturer has carried out all the tests, examinations and evaluations enabling him to prove that he complies with all the essential safety requirements.

This way, your eyes will be well protected  at all times!

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