Children in front of screens

To develop well, a child needs to have contact with others and do all kinds of activities. 

Prolonged exposure to screens can have serious consequences for the health, well-being and future of our children: delayed learning, disturbance in attention and behavior, myopia, eye discomfort, obesity. 

What advice can parents use?

The 3-6-9-12 rule: Developed by psychiatrist Serge Tisseron, is easy to remember: 

No screentime before the age of 3
No portable game console before 6 years old
Supervised internet access from 9 years old
Private access from 12 years old

How to support the children?

Pediatrician Eric Osika recommends that parents get involved in their children’s activities when they observe too much screentime. “In front of an educational program like It’s not a sourcery, the child is not wasting his time. If in addition, an adult by his side comments on the images, evokes memories, takes out a dictionary, unfolds a map, it’s great combination! ”


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