Contact lenses:
reasons to stop using them

Contact lens wearers often experience discomfort during the day, which can lead to neccesity of removing them.  That could be a symptome of discomfort and dryness, which can even cause losing the lenses by the end of the day …

It is important to identify the source of the problem in order to ensure maximum comfort while wearing lended

The discomfort can come from the lenses themselves (material, geometry, type of wearing, maintenance…), as well as from the environment – air quality, pollution rate, humidity rate… Personal factors aren’t to be overlooked in this equasion either ! Such things as age, gender, or taking certain medications should always be taken into account.

Taking all that into consideration, there are certain steps to be taken while getting contact lenses: :

1 Pre-adaption consultation

Firstly, ophthalmologist should check that your eyes are compatible with contact lenses.

2 – Adaptation

Lenses will be placed on your eyes and the ophthalmologist will examine you to assess the tolerance and proper fit of the lenses.

3 – Control examination after wearing the lenses

The ophthalmologist will give you a prescription for lenses specifying their characteristics. In order to avoid having to go back to glasses, compliance with these different steps and rigorous maintenance of your lenses is highly recommended.

In order to improve comfort level while wearing the lenses, SENSITIVE SPRAY can be used over closed eyes without having to remove the lenses during the day

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