The “All-Screen” family

Coronavirus, lockdown, teleworking: this busy year has us more than ever in front of the screens! The time we spend this way has an impact on our eyes but also on our education. Parents, do you ask yourself about how can you best support your children in this digital world of continuous information?

We recommend youto download our practical guide “All-Screen Family” which offers useful insights and practical advice to all parents on media and informational education.

This free book is a goldmine of advice for parents wishing to better guide their “connected” children in the digital age :

  • Lots of easy-to-use resources and sites for your kids to help them understand current affairs and take a step back from screens and news.
  • Advice from professionals, experts, journalists, teachers, associations, educators, psychologists, scientists.
  • Ideas, tools and activities to have a productive and helpful dialogue with your children.

The “All-Screen Family” practical guide was put together by Clemi. It was born from the reflection of a working group dedicated to the information practices of the youngest, made up in particular of the members of the Orientation and Development Board of Clemi. : the Ministry of National Education and Youth, the Ministry of Culture, France Télévisions, Radio France, the CSA, CNRS Images, Ceméa, the League of Education, the CNAF, Jets d’amore and the Icem-Pédagogie Freinet.

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