Myopia: A global epidemic?

Tomorrow will everyone be myopic because of the screens?

Will everyone be myopic tomorrow  ? Some explanations are here to see more clearly.

Myopia disease is growing dramatically all over the world. In Europe, 50% of the population suffers from it, while in Asia this condition affects more than 65% of people, especially in Southeast Asian countries where 90% of youth suffer from it.

The younger the population, the more the percentages increase. So, if the trend continues, we can imagine that by 2050 half of humanity will be nearsighted.

But why such an outbreak?

Many causes are at the origin of the progression of myopia and a great novelty, it could well be linked to our sedentary lifestyle  :

  • Prolonged exposire to screens,
  • Time spent reading closely,
  • Lack of exposure to natural light.

What visual habits can we adopt to limit these risks  ?

  • Take advantage of external light, as it requires distance vision,
  • Limit exposure to screens
  • Regularly fix his gaze in the distance.

If in doubt, consult an ophthalmologist and above all, have children from 6-7 years of age checked regularly.

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